Sophisticated Google-powered targeting technology helps your message reach the right audience, efficiently and effectively.

The Right Viewers At the Right Price

Find and target the videos your audience is watching on YouTube and across the web.

The Perfect Audience, Picked by You Who They Are

Pick by demographics, like women over 35. Go geographic and show your ad just in your own zip code. ¿Habla Español? Target by language and show your ads only to Spanish speakers.

What They Like

Try interest categories to reach people who watch videos about golf, food or video games. Use topics to put your ads in front of fashionistas or political fans. Or remarket to people who have visited your site before.

What They Watch

Keywords put your ads on the right Google video and YouTube search results and related videos. Custom content packs are hand-chosen by YouTube specialists for topic and quality. Or simply pick the YouTube videos and channels that suit your needs.

Take the Next Step

Google AdWords for video is the easiest way way to target the right audiences or videos for your brand.

Targeting Resources

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