Mobile Ads

Get on the move! Put your YouTube video on smartphones, tablets and mobile devices.

Go Mobile

Deliver your powerful video message on tablets, Androids®, iPhones®, Blackberries®, and every kind of mobile device.

Put Your Brand in Their Hand

With more than 400 million videos watched on mobile devices every day, is the #2 video-viewing website in the world. (Right after YouTube itself.) It's the better way to reach consumers when they're on foot or on the road -- or even doing research while in the store.


Mobile roadblocks give you 100% share of voice on all home, browse and search pages on You'll get maximum reach and maximum impact.

In-Stream Ads

Viewers using the YouTube Android App will see your 15-second ad as it runs before partner videos. Interactive features, like URL overlay, send viewers to your mobile website or YouTube Mobile Brand Channel.

Mobile Channel

All the great value of a YouTube channel, in a format that's perfect for mobile devices. It's a great way to drive more viewer engagement for your brand.

How to Get Started

Standard Mobile Banner Ads Spec (Europe)

Standard Mobile Banner Ads Spec (North America)

Standard Mobile InStream Ads Spec (North America)

For more information, please contact your Google sales representative.

Mobile One-Sheeter

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