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For incredible impact, be the only advertiser on the YouTube home page for 24 full hours.

Own the Homepage

24 hours, 23 million viewers, and a 100% share of voice. They're all yours with the YouTube homepage takeover.

A Homepage Roadblock makes you the only advertiser on our homepage for 24 full hours. That's about 23 million viewers: equal to a top-rated TV show.

It gets better. A Homepage Roadblock is an engaging experience that you design to showcase your brand. This powerful digital stage delivers the massive reach and results your brand deserves.

Full Creative Freedom

The YouTube homepage offers Masthead Unit ads with standard and expandable options. Each format is a huge canvas for your brand message. Interactive rich media and social media links give you tremendous user engagement.

High Impact

Along with intense brand exposure, a Homepage Roadblock gives you: high click-through rates, high interaction rates, increased video views, more searches for your brand on YouTube and Google, and more customer visits to your website.

After your campaign runs, you can multiply its impact by re-engaging viewers with follow-up ads using remarketing on YouTube and on millions of websites in the Google Display Network.

Deep Reporting

Custom tracking shows you exactly how users engaged with your homepage ad. You'll see metrics like user expansions, interactions, video completes, and length of engagement, and you can add additional tracking events for the unique elements of your own creative.

Homepage Ad Resources

Homepage Masthead Unit Ad Spec (North America)

Homepage Masthead Unit Ad Spec (Europe)

Homepage Expandable Masthead Unit Ad Spec (North America)

Homepage Expandable Masthead Unit Ad Spec (Europe)

Homepage Masthead Lite Unit Ad Spec (North America)

Homepage Masthead Lite Expandable Unit Ad Spec (North America)

For more information, please contact your Google sales representative.

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