YouTube Analytics

See and measure how well viewers like your videos, then learn to improve your results.

Learn what works for you and build on it

YouTube Analytics shows what your audience likes (and doesn't). Use what you learn to tune up your videos so they have the greatest impact with the customers you want most.

Find the right story for your audience

YouTube Analytics is a self-service tool that gives you detailed statistics on your videos and your viewers. It’s an easy and powerful way to discover which videos and themes work best for your audience. Once you know, you can adjust your videos to reach more viewers, deepen their engagement, and sell more of your products.

Get the clear numbers

How do viewers find you? How long do they watch your videos? When do they leave? YouTube Analytics gives you all the details, video by video or for all your videos at once, so you really understand your audience.


How many viewers do you have? Where are they from? Are they over 55 or under 24?


When do viewers drop out? What makes them watch longer? Which videos are most popular?


How many of your viewers are on smart phones and tablets? Do they watch and share differently?

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