Keyword Contextual Targeting

Keyword Contextual Targeting on the Google Display Network allows you to engage with consumers at the exact moment they are reading-and thinking-about your products and services. Similar to search advertising, you can target, bid, report & optimize on individual keywords and reach new customers with highly relevant messages.

What is it?

Keyword Contextual Targeting is an easy way to efficiently scale your search campaigns across more than 2mm publisher sites. Our sophisticated contextual engine matches your keywords with website content on any device, including desktops, smartphones or tablets, helping you extend your reach to over 93% of internet users per month (comscore).

Why you’d use it

Now that our contextual engine targets individual keywords, just like search, you can easily copy existing search campaigns onto display. The contextual engine works with audience signals to fine-tune bids, placing more value on pages that are likely to perform best. And with full transparency into how each keyword is performing, you can easily optimize your account and only pay for what’s working.


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