DoubleClick Search

Built on Google infrastructure and natively integrated with the DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform, DoubleClick Search makes it faster and easier to manage large search campaigns across Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo Search Marketing.

Hear about the product and our vision from our product, engineering, and business leaders.

A faster, smarter way to manage your search marketing

Get the most from your search campaigns with tools that are easy to use, save you time and help you make better decisions – with a completely rebuilt platform that’s backed by Google and integrated into DoubleClick.

Achieve more in less time

DoubleClick Search has the same look and feel of AdWords, helping you manage campaigns with a workflow that’s intuitive and familiar. Powerful automation tools save you and your team valuable time, so you can focus on bigger things. 90+ available metrics allow you to configure a wide variety of reports for the insights you need, exactly when you need them.

Get results with intelligent bid optimization

With DoubleClick Search, your campaigns are powered by proprietary bid optimization that makes intelligent bidding decisions in near-real time. Backed by years of search know-how, our algorithms are constantly evolving to deliver optimal performance, based on your precise goals. Let us do all the heavy lifting, or add your own expertise to our algorithms with transparent reporting and granular controls.

Cross-channel campaign management on one unified platform

DoubleClick Search makes it seamless to run search campaigns alongside the rest of your digital efforts. No data transfers, uploads or reconciling – it just works, thanks to native integration with the DoubleClick platform.

The result? A single view of your customer across all channels, and better measurement through accurate, unified reporting and de-duplicated metrics across channels.

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