Book Of Spells

Book Of Spells

A magical interactive book that wows kids and charms their parents.

by Sony PlayStation

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The Story

Book of Spells is a new game for the Wonderbook on PlayStation 3, developed in conjunction with JK Rowling as a companion to the Harry Potter book series. Our goal was to raise awareness of the game with an experience as engaging as the game itself. We invited users to embark on a spellbinding journey through a series of interactive activities on YouTube. The challenge was to wow the kids with a magical experience and reassure the parents of the game's core values.

  • Book Of Spells
  • Book Of Spells

We knew our primary target audience spent a lot of time on YouTube watching cartoons and playing games. Therefore, we used a YouTube Brand Channel as our hub, connecting all aspects of this campaign. To build momentum, we unlocked a new feature of the experience every Wednesday with an announcement via social media. Users were invited to complete all the activities to unlock, download and share a personal Book of Spells certificate. To drive awareness and buzz, we ran a YouTube Masthead and mobile ads throughout key European countries.

The Technology

  • Mobile Rich Media

The Results

Launch date: November 14, 2012

In the end, our client tweeted: "@biborg Your work for our project was absolutely outstanding, thank you."


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The Team

  • Hedy Magroun, Creative Director
  • Remi Cabarrou, Art Director
  • Sandro Texeira, Art Director

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