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Home to 60% of the world's population, the APAC region is the world's fastest growing internet market. It is also home to two impossible-to-ignore markets -- India and China -- each with over a billion population. In addition, China, Japan and Korea are 2nd, 4th and 6th in global digital ad spend rankings. Indonesia, with over 220 million people, is the world's largest Muslim market.

APAC brands that want to win their next customer need to realize and respect their identities. Demographics are dead; this is the age of intent.
Vietnamese often celebrate Tet with traditional music, fireworks and fun gatherings with friends and family. The videos featured in this list also showcase the festive atmosphere and warm family reunion stories. The 3 trends that stand out include: 1. Combining celebrities with creative content: Personalities that have large followings such as Soobin Hoang son, My Tam, Bich Phuong... will draw in viewers when smartly combined with the brands' creative content. 2. Longer duration ads: If we look at the length of these Top 10 videos, all are longer than the standard 30-second spot of a TV commercial. This tells us audiences will stay engaged as long as brands tell them stories that are really compelling. 3. Stories over branding: People head to YouTube as an entertainment destination. Brands who prioritize fun, creative storytelling vs more product-focussed ads like a regular TV commercial will capture the hearts of their audiences on YouTube.
This recent BCG Focus report assesses on the impact of programmatic guaranteed on buyers and sellers in the dynamic markets of the Asia-Pacific region.

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