The Digital Journey to Recovery: Treatment Selection

The road to addiction recovery begins with search. We teamed up with Compete in a study of over 250 treatment center researchers to understand what influences an addict's decision to get treatment and, ultimately, how they choose a treatment center. 41% of addicts researched for at least two weeks, and the most common deciding factors were insurance and reviews.

In today's digital world, prospective patients are now active partners in their medical journeys as they move from "addiction" to "decision to treat" to "treatment" and finally to "recovery". Google engaged Compete to survey over 250 treatment center researchers to understand how digital drives research and ultimately appointments. Here are some key findings:

  • 91% of patients say that making sure the treatment center accepts their healthcare plan is a top priority.
  • 41% of patients took 2 weeks to research before scheduling an appointment and more than half visited at least 2 treatment center websites before converting.
  • 37% of users who booked an appointment with a treatment center researched consumer reviews prior to booking.
  • 57% of search paths are comprised of treatment and 25% of condition terms. Only 9% are treatment center branded.

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