View-through Conversions

Measure the success of your display ad campaigns by using the View-through Conversions feature on AdWords. View-through Conversions are what happens when a customer sees an ad, and then later completes a conversion on your site. Google allows you to track View-through Conversions, providing insight into the holistic value of your display campaigns.

What is it?

View-through Conversions are a type of tracking available in your AdWords account that provide insights into the holistic value of your campaigns by measuring assist conversions. An assist conversion occurs when a user sees your ad, returns to your site through another channel and then converts.

Why you’d use it

Display advertising can enhance the overall value of other campaigns. Looking at View-through Conversions gives you access to this holistic view, and lets you see the lifting effect of display.


View-through Conversion tracking provides you with information about which display ad placements are helping to drive conversions, even though they aren’t directly producing clicks. For example, when someone returns to your site through a bookmark, an organic listing or direct URL and converts after seeing your image or rich media ad on the Google Display Network, you can infer that the original display ad did indeed have an impact.

View-through Conversions are different from click-through conversions, which occur when a consumer completed a conversion on your site after having clicked on your ad.

For more information about View-through Conversions, visit AdWords Help.

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