Topic Targeting

Getting your message to the right consumers is good. Getting the right consumers the right messages is even better. With Topic Targeting, you can choose sites within the network that work best with your messaging and/or use contextual keywords to trigger your ad. This helps your brand continue to be relevant to consumers on a whole other level.

What is it?

Topic Targeting allows you to place your AdWords ad on web pages that relate to your chosen topics. After choosing from more than 1,750 topics and subtopics – like agriculture, music or luxury cars – it’s easy to reach the right audience.

Why you’d use it

Topic targeting allows your ads to be eligible to appear on any pages on the Google Display Network that have content related to your selected topics, helping you to reach a broad audience quickly and significantly ramp up your traffic or ad delivery – or prevent your ad from appearing with certain topics. It works best if you have a flexible campaign budget and/or CPA.


  • Topic Targeting is done at the page level, not the site level. It finds the best pages for your ads based on keywords, frequency of words, font sizes, word placement and linguistics.
  • Pricing for Topic Targeting works similarly to other placement-targeted ads. You simply select the maximum price you're willing to pay each time your ad appears, and the AdWords system will show your ad on pages with relative content where your bid can win.
  • Pages can be classified into multiple topics.
  • You can use topic exclusion to limit the types of pages on which to appear.

To learn more about Topic Targeting, visit AdWords help.

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