Text Ads on the Google Display Network

Text ads are an easy, efficient way to create incremental, high-quality conversions through our network of more than two million publisher sites. They deliver targeted customizable messaging at the most efficient price possible.

What is it?

Text ads on the Google Display Network give you access to the largest pool of text inventory available, while maintaining the same efficient pricing and transparency as search ads. Highly customizable, you can tailor your messages with dynamic remarketing and increase click-through-rates using dynamic keyword insertion.

Why you'd use it

When you run text ads on the Google Display Network, you get access to auction-based, text-only inventory that's not available on other networks. Retail advertisers can tailor ads based on remarketing lists and the median advertiser using both text and display for remarketing sees a CPA that is less than half of display (Google internal data, 2012).


To start using text ads on the Google Display Network, you can copy an existing search campaign or create a new one.

For more information on text ads, see Google help.

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