Mute This Ad for Display

Mute This Ad helps advertisers make a great first impression. A tiny "x" in the upper right corner of the unit allows users to opt-out of watching ads that don't interest them. This means marketers can learn who their brand appeals to and message accordingly. It also means marketers only have to pay for the impressions that count-the number of times the ad was watched.

What is it?

Mute This Ad is a user control feature. We automatically place an [x] at the top of each display ad that uses remarketing and interest-based features. Consumers simply click or tap the [x] and we remove that campaign from their list of possible ads.

Why you’d use it

Using Mute This Ad can increase the effectiveness of your advertising and protect your brand by giving consumers more control over the ads they see. It also keeps you from selling past the close by eliminating redundant messages to customers who’ve already made a purchase.


At present, this feature only applies to full slot, non-text ads using remarketing and interest based features. It doesn’t apply to ads that are part of another campaign or are served by networks other than ours.

For more information, download our PDF.

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