Call Extensions

Make it easy for customers to contact you by including a call button in your search ads.

What is it?

  • With Call Extensions you can include a click-to-call button in your mobile ad so users can call your business directly.
  • Your phone number appears as a call button in your ad copy.
  • When the call button is clicked, it will populate the phone's dialer with your number.

Why you'd use it

  • With enhanced campaigns, advertisers can get detailed call reporting with Google forwarding numbers for free.
  • When using detailed call reporting you will see an additional segmentation ‘Mobile phone calls' when segmenting by 'click type'. These represent the number of mobile clicks-to-call that resulted in an actual phone call to your business, as tracked by Google forwarding numbers.
  • When using Google forwarding numbers, you have the option to count conversions from phone calls.
  • You can use call extension scheduling to specify when in the time of day and/or days of week you want the click-to-call button to appear in your ad.


  • There are different types of Call Extensions you can include in your campaign. Call-only lets you receive just calls, no clicks to your website. Opting to use a Google forwarding number lets you display an easy-to-remember phone number. You can schedule call extensions to run during a particular time of day or day of week.

Call Extensions appear on and on the Google Display Network.


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