Interest Categories

Interest Categories can help you reach your target audiences across the Google Display Network, presenting highly relevant messages to users while they surf the web. Choose from a rich set of Interest Categories-like, travel, entertainment, sports, or auto enthusiasts-and we'll show ads to people that we think are interested in those categories.

What is it?

Interest Categories is a targeting tool that connects you with people whose interests relate to your brand or product. To understand someone’s inferred interests, our system looks at the types of pages a customer visits and how often those visit occur, and then associates interest categories with that person’s browser. For example, if someone frequently visits recipe-sharing sites, we may associate that browser’s cookie with the “cooking and recipes” interest category. Consumers can also update their own interest categories through the Ads Preferences Manager – which helps to ensure that people see ads they are most interested in, and helps advertisers reach hand-raisers who are most likely to buy.

Why you’d use it

Interest Categories allow you to show relevant ads to people who may be more likely to purchase your products or services, across all types of sites in the Google Display Network. When combined with other targeting tools, like Demographics, Interest Categories can boost performance.


Interest Categories are:

  • Scalable: offering hundreds of millions of users interested in more than 30 pre-defined top level interest categories and over 1,900 subcategories
  • Smart: powered by Google algorithms that document pageviews accurately
  • Flexible: create and modify audience segments with ease
  • Efficient: pay only for media at auction prices without additional data charges

To learn more, download our PDF.

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