Brand Display Solutions

Win moments that matter with Google Display brand solutions. Our latest products, which include Awareness Ads and Engagement Ads, add to the suite of tools that help brand advertisers deliver results at scale.

What is it?

More brand-focused advertising solutions are now available with Google Display. Awareness Ads allow you to reserve viewable impressions on specific audience segments, all at scale. Engagement Ads let you place large, beautiful creative messages in front of target consumers, while only paying when a user engages with the ad.

Why you’d use it

These new products offer more ways for you to leverage the reach and scale of Google Display in a way that makes sense for your brand. Grab attention and spark interest with Awareness Ads, which allow you to reserve viewable impressions with your exact audience, as they browse quality, brand-safe sites. Drive meaningful brand experiences with Engagement Ads, which scale rich creative messages across the web and allow you to only pay when a consumer engages with your brand.

  • Engagement Ads

    Engagement Ads

    Engagement Ads captivate consumers with rich, creative messages. Tuned and optimized to user engagement instead of clicks and conversions, Engagement Ads help you find new customers who are interested in your brand message and only require you to pay when users engage.

  • Affinity audiences

    Affinity audiences

    Affinity audiences help marketers move beyond demographics and reach people who care about their brands. With over 80 unique personas based on lifestyle and interests, affinity audiences mimic the depth and breadth of TV-style audiences, so marketers can engage with precise audiences at scale.

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