AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

Reach people in the moments that matter across all devices with smarter ads that are relevant to their intent and context all within a single enhanced campaign.

Consumers can access information anytime and anywhere whether from their computer at work, mobile phone on the go or their tablet at home.

Enhanced campaigns allow you to reach those people with the most relevant and effective message tailored to what they’re looking for, where they are, when they’re searching, and what device they’re using:

Powerful bidding tools for the multi-device world: Ability to manage your bids across devices, location, and time. For example, you can bid higher for users on mobile or who are within a ½ mile from your store.

Smarter ads optimized for varying user contexts: Ability to show the right creative, sitelink, app or extension based on user context and device capabilities. For example, you can show location extensions for customers near your store, on mobile, during business hours.

Advanced reports to measure new conversion types: Ability to track new conversion types such as calls, digital downloads, in-store purchases and soon, cross-device conversions. For example, you can consider calls over 1 minute a conversion.

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