Engagement Ads

Engagement Ads captivate consumers with rich, creative messages. Tuned and optimized to user engagement instead of clicks and conversions, Engagement Ads help you find new customers who are interested in your brand message and only require you to pay when users engage.

What Is It?

Engagement Ads are new, creative ad formats that help you connect and engage with consumers in the moments that matter. They fit in standard display units, which allows them to scale across the web and then expand to a larger format after an innovative two-second hover delay. This delay eliminates nearly all accidental expansions, providing a better user experience and more accurate reporting to advertisers. Engagement Ads are tuned to user engagement, not clicks, and are available on a cost-per-engagement (CPE) basis, allowing advertisers to bid and pay only for user engagement. This can bring accountability and efficiency to a scalable display campaign.

Why Should You Use It?

Engagement Ads marry the art of brand building with the science of performance display. Engagement Ads allow the same flexible targeting types as on YouTube and the Google Display Network, making them an easy addition to any new or existing campaign. In addition, CPE pricing and optimization—combined with qualified user engagement—help you drive results. Engagement Ads let you connect with users through multiple creative formats. Lightbox Ads let you put beautiful creatives, videos, YouTube Mastheads, or Google Catalogs in front of interested users. Standard Expandable ads allow similar functionality at an even greater scale by fitting into the most popular IAB ad sizes across the web. Engagement Ads use the full reporting capabilities of AdWords and DoubleClick Rich Media to measure what matters for brands.

Choose from different styles of Lightbox Ads to best tell your brand’s story and capture a customer’s interest:

Choose from a variety of Engagement Ads, depending on the content you want to promote:

To learn more, download our PDF here.

To see more creative examples, visit our Rich Media Gallery.

To learn more about implementing Engagement Ads, see our Help Center article.

  • Lightbox Ads

    Lightbox Ads

    Lightbox Ads bring full-screen creative to the scale of the web, helping engage consumers with your brand's story. Beginning in standard, scalable ad units, they seamlessly expand into a near full-screen canvas that supports full rich-media capabilities. Embed a YouTube video, game or shopping experience in a Lightbox Ad to grab your customer's attention. User engagement is qualified by letting users hover their cursors over the ad unit for two seconds before it expands.

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