DoubleClick Bid Manager

DoubleClick Bid Manager is a next-generation demand-side platform (DSP) from Google. Built on Google's global infrastructure and fully integrated in DoubleClick Digital Marketing, DoubleClick Bid Manager re-imagines programmatic buying to enable agencies and marketers to buy display media more effectively and efficiently from a single platform across exchanges in real time.

Connect with the right audience at the right moments
Our robust audience targeting capabilities – which combine your own first-party data with third party data from an extensive selection of partners – allows you to connect with your audience precisely. But it doesn't stop there. DoubleClick Bid Manager also offers best-in-class contextual targeting built with years of expertise in keyword-level semantic targeting technology. Agencies and marketers can now capture more opportunities by connecting with their audience in the precise moments that matter.

Optimize based on your unique business needs
Our Google-engineered algorithms allow you to optimize your buying to meet your unique business objectives. It offers the ability to optimize based on impressions, clicks, conversions, or even ROI goals. Our customizable workflows and streamlined user-interface also make setting up and managing your campaigns faster and more efficient.

Streamline your workflows for speed and efficiency
The new UI and streamlined workflows of DoubleClick Bid Manager provide the reach, scale and speed buyers need to get optimal results. Top agencies and advertisers rely on our transparent buying platform to gain precision and efficiency while buying on a global scale.

Gain greater insights with the power of the platform
As part of the DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform, DoubleClick Bid Manager is integrated with DoubleClick ad serving, rich media, and search buying capabilities. This allows customers to see deduplicated reporting as well as make better display buying decisions based on the insights gained from other channels.

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