Display Planner

A lot of planning goes into developing a great ad campaign. Display Planner makes it easy by finding places that your audience is likely to visit and suggesting new ways to connect with them using all of the targeting options available on the Google Display Network. Simply enter demographics and sites associated with your ideal customers and the tool will suggest thousands of new websites, mobile applications and video channels for your ads. Leave the guesswork out of display planning and maximize your campaigns' potential with Display Planner.

What it does

Finds new inventory. Display Planner finds and suggests thousands of websites, mobile applications and video channels for your ads across the online world.

Generates targeting ideas. Are you trying to reach golfers, or new parents? Just describe their interests, websites you know they visit and products they buy. Display Planner will use that data to suggest good keywords and other targeting ideas.

Turns data into insights. What is the total opportunity for your Google Display Network campaign and what can you expect in return? Display Planner tells you, with estimates and historical data to back it up.

Why you’d use it

Display planner is designed to help you set up display campaigns for maximum efficiency and performance. It’s part of AdWords, in the Tools & Analysis menu, so with one click you can add your plan directly to your account, or download to share it.

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