Display Campaign Optimizer

Let's face it. Scaling online campaigns efficiently can take up a lot of time and resources. Let Google technology do it for you. The Display Campaign Optimizer determines your campaigns' optimal targeting and bidding settings for you, then continuously learns, adapts, and adjusts to generate the maximum conversions possible. The result? More conversions at the same CPA with one click.

What is it?

The Display Campaign Optimizer is an automated tool that optimizes your campaigns’ targeting and bidding across millions of sites on the Google Display Network. Simply provide your budget and creative, and the Display Campaign Optimizer goes to work, learning what is and isn’t working and automatically adjusting to deliver the maximum number of conversions in real-time.

Why you’d use it

The Display Campaign Optimizer is an efficient, scalable way to get better results from your display campaigns with a fraction of the effort. Even though online inventory and user behavior are dynamic, our powerful machine learning technology ensures your campaign stays optimized for maximum results, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.


Display Campaign Optimizer determines where and when your ads should be shown based on:

  • What your ads say
  • What landing page you’re using
  • What specific pages on your site are about
  • Where your customers are and their likelihood of making a purchase
  • Learns from your current campaign performance

You can opt-in to Display Campaign Optimizer with one click in AdWords. Your campaigns only need 15 conversions a month or more to be eligible.

Download the Display Campaign Optimizer one sheet today to learn more.

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