Demographic Targeting is what it sounds like-a way to find your target by age and gender. It can help marketers reach a specific target based on stage of life to continue to serve the most relevant messages to consumers.

What is it?

Demographic targeting is a way to reach people who are likely to be of a specific gender or age on the Google Display Network, with support for all ad formats – including text. Google looks at the types of sites visited on the Display Network to infer a user’s demographics, and combines that data with declared data when available. Demographics can be combined with other targeting methods such as Remarketing to reach very specific audiences.

Why you’d use it

Demographics can help you reach your target customer, whether you need to market certain products differently according to your customers’ life stages or you want to exclude a gender from seeing your ads. Drawing from approximately 1 billion active monthly cookies across the Google Display Network, Demographics can lead to as much as a 30% increase in CTR.*

*Google internal study of US advertisers


Reach your desired demographic with a combination of inferred and declared data. Available demographic buckets include:

  • Gender: Male, Female, Undetermined
  • Age: 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65+, Undetermined

To read more about Google Demographics, download our PDF.

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