Custom Affinity Audiences

With custom affinity audiences, you can create your own affinity audience and reach exactly the people you're looking for—because you create the audience parameters.

What is it?

With custom affinity audiences, you can define precisely what audience you want to reach across the web, on any screen, and the information updates in real time. Using the technology behind affinity audiences, it's now possible to find consumers who have demonstrated a qualified interest in almost any topic. Custom affinity audiences can be used across the Google Display Network. Similar to the rest of Google's audience technology, custom affinity audiences work with existing features and formats such as Engagement Ads, viewable impressions and Brand Lift.

Electronic Arts (EA) used custom affinity audiences to engage fans of specific NFL teams in its Madden GIFERATOR campaign. Google's affinity audience solution offers a segment for football fans, but EA used custom affinity audiences to take precision to the next level. It created 32 custom affinity audiences, one per NFL team, to reach fans of specific teams with real-time display ads related to the action on the field.

Alexis Cox, senior product manager at EA, collaborated with Google to build this innovative campaign. "One of our goals with the GIFERATOR was to make Madden a part of the live NFL conversation. The custom affinity audiences solution has allowed us to broaden Madden's reach with tailored real-time content while maintaining strong engagement," Cox says.

Why you'd use it

Custom affinity audiences allow you to be incredibly precise and reach consumers likely to be interested in a specific product or niche interest. And you can use the new audience profiling feature to get real-time demographic estimates about the audience you're creating in AdWords.


Custom affinity audiences allow you to create audience segments focused on almost any interest. Reach precisely the customers you're looking for by creating your own segments based on their passions, wants and needs.

To learn more about how to build custom affinity audiences into your campaigns, visit the AdWords Help Center.

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