Brand Awareness and Ad Recall

Simply reaching your target audience isn't everything-you have to make sure they know and remember your brand. Measure brand awareness and ad recall to understand the impact of your advertising using Google's Brand Lift solution.

What it is

As part of the Brand Lift solution, brand awareness and ad recall reporting lets you know how well your ads improve consumers’ recognition of your brand as well as whether or not consumers are able to remember your ad. In a matter of days, you will know the impact of your advertising based on fast, accurate survey data collected from your target audience.

How it works

To measure brand awareness and ad recall, Brand Lift deploys surveys using best-in-class methodology to hear directly from thousands of respondents in real-world settings. We automatically isolate two groups: a randomized control group that was not able to see your ad and an exposed group who did see your ad. We then ask both groups the same question, allowing us to accurately determine the lift generated by your campaign. To gain further insights, you can cut data by demographics, frequency, and more.

Why you’d use it

By measuring brand awareness and ad recall, you can see how effective your ads are in driving results for your brand. There’s no manual tagging, so it’s easy to get started. You’ll receive fast, detailed results, allowing you to improve your campaign while it’s still running. By providing you with accurate and actionable insights about brand awareness and ad recall, Google’s Brand Lift solution lets you know the true impact of your campaigns.

  • Measure what matters: Go beyond traditional proxy metrics such as clicks and impressions using attitudinal metrics that show whether or not a user is interested.
  • Fast, accurate results: Using best-in-class methodology, Google delivers actionable results you can trust in about a week.
  • Improve your campaign’s effectiveness mid-flight: Use our near real-time insights to understand what’s working and what’s not.
  • To learn more, download the Brand Lift fact sheet.

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