Affinity audiences

Affinity audiences help marketers move beyond demographics and reach people who care about their brands. With over 80 unique personas based on lifestyle and interests, affinity audiences mimic the depth and breadth of TV-style audiences, so marketers can engage with precise audiences at scale.

What is it?
Affinity audiences consist of aggregated consumers who have demonstrated a qualified interest in a particular topic. Take advantage of broad passions depicting a consumer's lifestyle rather than niche curiosities to reach your perfect audience and achieve reach and frequency within that group. Our more than 80 segments have been developed with TV-style audiences in mind, so you can more efficiently select and buy the audiences you wish to reach. We created these segments using rich data points and past online behaviors of consumers, taking into account how many times a consumer visits a site and for how long. We qualify consumer interest through sophisticated machine learning and ongoing human rating that verifies algorithmic accuracy — this way you only reach those who have shown a proven interest in a topic related to your brand.

Why you’d use it
Affinity audiences allow you to reach and connect with an enthusiastic audience of consumers likely to love your brand, on a massive scale. You can purchase and reach audiences the same way as you would on TV, helping to keep the process of online audience buying simple and familiar.

Available affinity audiences span a rich array of lifestyle interests. Reach prospective customers by targeting their specific personalities, wants, and needs.

To learn more, download the affinity audiences factsheet.

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