Estimated Total Conversions: New Insights for the Multi-Screen World

As consumers are increasingly on the go and switching between devices, marketers need to see a more complete and accurate picture of how their online advertising drives conversions. Conversions can come in many forms - visits to your store, phone calls, app downloads, website sales or purchases made after consulting various devices. Estimated Total Conversions provides you with a holistic view of all of the conversions driven by your search ads on that can be used to make important decisions like how much to bid and how to allocate budgets.

We are introducing Estimated Total Conversions for search ads on as an exciting first step to give marketers more insight into how AdWords drives conversions for your business. Estimated Total conversions will show you both the conversions you see today, like online sales, as well as an estimate of conversions that take multiple devices to complete. Over time, we’ll be adding other conversion types like phone calls and store visits as well as conversions from ads on our search and display network.

Estimated Total Conversions will provide you with a holistic view of all of the conversions driven by your Google advertising that can be used to make important decisions like how much to bid and how to assign budget across your various marketing channels. For the last few years, many sophisticated advertisers have been using their own analysis to get to these insights.

Estimated cross-device conversions

Estimated cross-device conversions is the first new conversion type to launch as part of Estimated Total Conversions. Cross-device conversions start as a click on a search ad on on one device and end as a conversion on another device (or in a different web browser on the same device).

For example, say someone shops for “blue jeans” on her mobile phone while waiting for the morning train. She clicks on a mobile ad for ABC Blue Jeans. When she gets to her office, she goes directly to the ABC website to make a purchase. This is an example of a cross-device conversion.

Estimated cross-device conversions will begin rolling out globally to all AdWords advertisers over the next few weeks. To see these new statistics, you’ll need AdWords conversion tracking and a sufficient volume of conversions on which to base a reliable estimate.

In the last few months, we’ve analyzed data across thousands of AdWords advertisers to learn more about cross-device conversion patterns. After measuring cross-device conversions, several verticals saw a lift in estimated total conversions.

Customer stories

“We always knew our online ad investment was influencing conversions across devices, but we didn't know how to begin estimating these numbers. Once we saw that 5.3% more conversions could be attributed to cross-device conversions in AdWords, we knew we could more accurately calculate the value we were receiving from each ad click.”

“We also learned that mobile ads are driving 16% more conversions than we thought, so we are now investing more into this channel to gain more sales.”

—Sean Singleton, Marketing Manager, American Apparel

“iCrossing is focused on consumers’ changing behavior. People are researching products in stores, on their phones during work and on their tablets while watching TV.”

“Using the cross–device conversion tracking beta, we worked with our telecommunications client and saw a 97% increase in mobile-initiated conversions — which would have otherwise been credited to direct site visit conversions. Overall, by measuring all cross-device activity, we were able to determine 7.6% more conversions total in AdWords for this client. This type of intelligence is critical for us and our clients to make real-time media mix and performance decisions.”

—Jonathan Adams, Head of Media for North America at iCrossing

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