TiVo Partners With E-Nor and Google Analytics to Track Mobile App Usage

To improve their mobile app experience, TiVo wanted to know more about user behavior, usage patterns and content consumption. The challenge was finding an intuitive and efficient analytics tool that could get all this data. The company turned to E-Nor, a Google Analytics Certified Partner. It devised a solution that used Universal Analytics, relying heavily on Custom Dimensions, Advanced Segments and Event Tracking. The resulting insights helped TiVo optimize its app for users.


  • Measure user behavior inside mobile app
  • See app usage patterns by category
  • Understand what content is consumed and how


  • Deployed Mobile SDK v2 using Universal Analytics
  • Defined Custom Dimensions
  • Built Event Tracking to capture content consumption


  • Simplified in-app tracking and updates to the app
  • Enabled clear reports on device usage
  • Provided insights into content consumed and means of consumption; for example, active users increased 27% since a new product launch, mobile app sessions and screen views grew more than 40% and play sessions increased 54%

TiVo Inc. is a global leader in the advanced television entertainment market domestically and abroad. TiVo creates consumer products and software to deliver a branded viewing experience that integrates traditional and next-generation TV. TiVo’s app for smartphones and tablets allows customers to browse and schedule recordings and download or stream live or recorded shows to their mobile device, anywhere, for on-the-go viewing.

A closer look

TiVo wished to supplement its existing log-based tracking solution with an analytics tool better suited to its needs and budget. The existing solution required heavy customizations and significant development knowledge, and also kept data somewhat sheltered from teams that needed to see it most.

Eye for detail

TiVo turned to Google Analytics Certified Partner E-Nor, which specializes in helping companies establish an analytics culture that bridges the "data to decision" gap. E-Nor proposed a solution leveraging the Custom Dimensions feature in Universal Analytics to capture many of the visitor-level data elements TiVo wanted to analyze—such as device and user environment details—as a baseline for reporting user behavior. The team also designed an Event Tracking model to capture user behavior within the app, tracking every single element, including screen, button, link, click, and so on. Features such as Advanced Segments and Custom Reports were also instrumental in the project.

Watch this space

The user behavior and performance insights gained by the Google Analytics solution have helped the duo understand the success of the new mobile app version and optimize the experience they offer to app subscribers.

TiVo was able to see an 80% surge in users’ adoption of the out-of-home streaming feature, which validated investment in this feature. Understanding customer streaming usage also enabled TiVo to anticipate additional loads on servers. Data regarding interactions on content discovery app features, such as What to Watch Now will further help TiVo optimize its content serving and provide better recommendations.

TiVo is also able to monitor the content type that is played in-home and out-of-home on the app. Insights are used in press releases to help TiVo gain mindshare among its B2B and B2C customers.

TiVo also learned that active users increased 27% and mobile app sessions and screen views grew by more than 40% after TiVo launched its new TiVo Roamio DVR.

These insights, paired with Google Analytics support on mobile app improvement, can now help the team optimize its program even further.

With E-Nor’s Google Analytics solution, TiVo now also benefits from past and real-time visibility into how content is viewed (live or recorded, via WiFi network or wired connection), which content is consumed (by content category as well as by show name), and the devices that visitors use to view the content. The implementation provides a robust yet streamlined reporting interface and also makes it easy to maintain high-quality analytics throughout updates to the app.

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