MSC Industrial Supply and Rosetta Boost Sales with Dynamic Search Ads

MSC Industrial Supply depended mostly on printed catalogs for revenue, but they wanted to reach customers more effectively. With over 600,000 products, plus hundreds of thousands of variations to search for, they turned to Dynamic Search Ads (DSA). DSAs target searches not covered by existing keywords and generate dynamic ads directly from e-Commerce sites. The result? MSC exceeded their ROI goals and optimized their paid search advertising.


  • Broaden PPC keyword coverage quickly and efficiently
  • Maximize high-converting, long-tail keywords
  • Achieve acceptable return on ad spend


  • Use Dynamic Search Ads to provide coverage for all of an extensive product offering


  • Drove over 18,000 visits to the site in the test month alone
  • Increased revenue and traffic
  • 4.5:1 ROAS after initial test

MSC Industrial Supply, a leading American direct marketer and distributor of products for metalworking and maintenance, distributes more than 600,000 items. MSC worked with Rosetta, an interactive agency, to find ways to drive incremental sales and expand their ad coverage. To address their extensive product offering, they used Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) which uses the natural search index of the website and generates highly relevant ads to match search queries not already covered by existing keywords.

Matt Wilkinson, director of search and media at Rosetta, shares, "There are hundreds of thousands of variations that someone could search [for MSC's more than half a million products]. Dynamic Search Ads is a way to start catching those long-tail keyword variations automatically."

With the help of DSA, Rosetta has been able to exceed ROI goals and efficiently scale MSC's online marketing. It was the ability to optimize and maintain the campaign over time that has led to significant revenue growth.

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