Krungsri Auto: YouTube Unlocks New Possibilities, Reaches Directly Into Consumers’ Hearts

Thai-based Krungsri Auto turned to YouTube and TrueView for its “Soulmate” ad campaign, with the aim of connecting emotionally with its wider audience. See how the sentimental, heart-warming video earned this automotive finance company millions of quality views within a few short days.


  • Develop a corporate ad campaign to create brand awareness and preference among a mass audience
  • Convey the idea that a car is not just a vehicle, but rather a tool to “Unlock Possibilities”


  • Uploaded a four-minute long video to the brand’s YouTube channel
  • Deployed a 30-second TV and out-of-home teaser ad to drive audiences to the full version on YouTube
  • Supported its video campaign though search ads, together with TrueView in-stream and in-display ads


  • Reached 1 million views within four days
  • Garnered 5.5 million views at the end of campaign
  • Earned more than 9,000 video shares by audiences
  • Hit 69% view rate of the four-minute film
  • Achieved 300% increase in YouTube brand channel subscribers in four weeks

Rather than taking a “hard-sell” approach to pushing products or promotions, Krungsri Auto (also known as Ayudhya Capital Auto Lease) wanted to build on the positive momentum that began with its previous corporate brand campaigns, evoking an engaging plot and empathetic characters.

To achieve this, the Thailand-based automotive finance company partnered with Y&R Thailand and rolled out “Soulmate” on Krungsri Auto’s YouTube channel. The brand sought to hold the audience’s attention through the end of the short film—a task that is never easy and highlights the importance of content quality.

The art of creative storytelling

Krungsri Auto and Y&R Thailand set out to work emotional magic, spread brand awareness, and make a deep connection with mass audiences through “Soulmate.” In addition, the brand tied its “Unlock Possibilities” tag to the theme to position the automotive purchase stage as not merely buying a vehicle for transportation, but instead as a time to consider the car as a means to changing a life’s journey.

“Soulmate” follows the story of a single, middle-aged woman who has been happy living in her solitude. One day she unexpectedly meets a grey-haired gentleman in a parking lot, and it just so happens that his car is identical to hers. This meeting changes her life and she discovers a new way of being happy with someone else: her soulmate.

“Love, hope, and miracles resonate universally,” said Chalermwong Virankabutra, executive creative director for Y&R Thailand. “The creative execution seeks to establish an emotional bond with consumers. The story is written based on the belief that if the story can touch audiences’ hearts, they will spend more time watching the video and the intended message will be delivered more completely.”

Krungsri Auto’s “Soulmate” on YouTube

While the core of the distribution strategy for the four-minute “Soulmate” video was on YouTube, the brand also drove awareness through other media, including search ads and traditional 30-second TV spots, to draw a mass audience to the short film.

Did the message break through?

The well-planned execution paid off. The average viewer watched about 150 seconds of the video—the equivalent of five 30-second traditional TV spots. More than two-thirds of all viewers watched the entire four-minute video, or eight 30-second spots’ worth. Altogether, this equals more than 25 million 30-second ad views.

But were viewers inspired? Did they appreciate the limitless possibilities that a car can bring? Some of the comments on the video indicate that the campaign succeeded in its messaging:

  • “If I had to wait this long to find such happiness, every minute spent waiting was worth it. #IneedAcarNow”
  • “This ad draws tears from my eyes Y_Y”
  • “It’s the first piece of ad that I never thought of skipping”
  • “Yes….this video touches my heart”

YouTube as the anchor platform

There’s no question that the digital landscape is a rapidly evolving environment of innovation, trial, testing, and skillful optimization. It challenges brands to step up their innovation just to keep up.

Krungsri Auto, determined to be at the forefront, realized this and made full use of emerging channels and tools such as YouTube to reach consumers with its messages. In fact, it was one of the first brands in Thailand to use YouTube and its newly launched tools. Here are some key takeaways from Krungsri’s experience using the video platform as the centerpiece for its major campaign:

  • Flexibility. It’s much more flexible than other advertising platforms, allowing a wide range of video lengths, and therefore a wider range of content and complexity.
  • Popularity. YouTube is one of the most visited online platforms, and one where people already spend substantial amounts of time. YouTube allowed Krungsri Auto to reach all these people with minimal disruption to its existing media behavior patterns.
  • Accessability. The “Soulmate” video was easily accessed from supplementary media. The traditional 30-second TV teaser spot directed audiences to search “KrungsriAutoTV” on Google to find the full video. Then a Google AdWords text ad hyperlink led directly to the Soulmate video.
  • Adaptability. YouTube is one of few platforms that provided the practical tools and features necessary to support the “Soulmate” video campaign. KrungSri Auto leveraged TrueView in-stream and in-display ad.
  • “Undoubtedly, more and more consumers are going online. It is our job to move ahead and await them, not to run after the shift in consumers’ behavior. The brand needs to cover all touchpoints of the online user’s journey. So it’s not a question of going online or not, but rather a question of how to go online creatively, wisely, and effectively.” —Namthip Prasitsakulchai, SVP of Marketing, Branding, and Advertising, Ayudhya Capital Auto Lease”

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