Mobile Conversions Soar 82x for BizReach with AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

Already an industry leader in its use of display ads, Japanese career website BizReach adopted enhanced campaigns to optimize its search bidding across devices. The result: Mobile conversions multiplied 82x while desktop conversions increased between 3.5x and 3.8x. With precision bids adjusted to reach customers by time, location, and device, the company strengthened its desktop campaign while reaching a brand new mobile audience.


  • Reach more users by targeting different devices
  • Increase conversions while retaining CPA


  • Merged desktop and mobile campaigns by upgrading to Enhanced campaigns
  • Increased the number of mobile keywords by 5x
  • Used mobile bid adjustments for mobile search ads


  • 82x increase in mobile conversions
  • Desktop conversions increased between 3.5x and 3.8x
  • CPA remained steady even with increased conversions


BizReach is one of Japan’s largest career websites for executives, offering an efficient, digital platform for today’s complex and competitive job market. The company helps connect job seekers and headhunters with talent seekers who offer annual salaries of at least ¥10 million (equivalent to $100,000 at the current exchange rate).

A new mobile solution

BizReach launched in 2009 and immediately began promoting its business with Google AdWords. Today, the company is considered an industry leader in its use of engaging display ads. In April 2013, the company optimized its search campaigns for mobile devices and smartphones because they recognized the importance of mobile in attracting even more users to its site.

Initially, BizReach wasn’t sure how to update its search campaigns because previously it had focused predominantly on display ads. The company found a solution with AdWords enhanced campaigns. By upgrading to the new campaign type early, BizReach reached a new mobile audience, scalably and efficiently.

We benefitted greatly from using AdWords enhanced campaigns for our mobile ads. We identified this opportunity as having significant potential for our business.

Dramatically positive results

BizReach’s first step in the upgrade was to merge its desktop and mobile campaigns, which increased its mobile keywords by 5x, and led to greatly increased mobile ad impressions. The company also used mobile bid adjustments, a key feature of enhanced campaigns, to set appropriate bids for its mobile search ads. This, in turn, helped optimize its cost-per-acquisition (CPA).

The number of conversions BizReach received as a result was dramatic — 82x higher than before it began using enhanced campaigns. These new enhanced campaigns also improved the company’s overall search campaign performance on desktop, increasing conversions between 3.5x and 3.8x while the CPA remained steady.

Optimized bidding in a world of multiple devices

AdWords enhanced campaigns allow companies like BizReach to use bid adjustments to reach its customers based on user time, location, and device type — all within a single campaign. This makes it possible to show ads to high-value customers anytime, anywhere, on any device, while staying cost-effective. By optimizing mobile bid adjustments and reaching customers with the right keywords, the company was able to achieve higher conversion rates.

“We benefitted greatly from using an AdWords enhanced campaign for our mobile ads. We identified this opportunity as having significant potential for our business,” says Hiroyuki Aoyama, Marketing Division Manager. “We hope to be able to continue using bid adjustments to achieve an even higher return on investment.”

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