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The Story

War Story, a moving new TV series on the History channel, features stories of Canadians in combat told by those who were there. We built an interactive website to extend the reach of these stories and expose the human side of conflict. The site's content is updated with each episode. The dynamic documentary site also lets users save content so they can view it later and explore in greater depth.

  • War Story
  • War Story

We created a site that allows users to access compelling information in multiple ways and on multiple platforms—all from the same core build. The Featured section showcases the first-person stories from each episode and is updated as it airs, providing a live extension of the narrative. Users can dig even deeper in Explore mode, which uses node-based data visualization to uncover the relationships that exist among the stories.

The Technology

  • Facebook API
  • Twitter API

The Results

Launch date: November 1, 2012

We created a tool that lets users consume content across platforms and devices. The API used to develop the site can also be opened up and scaled over time.


Minutes spent on the site by the average visitor


Bounce rate, indicating users are consuming content throughout the site

The Team

Secret Location
  • James Milward, Executive Producer
  • Pietro Gagliano, Creative Director & Lead Designer
  • Ryan Andal, Technical Director
Shaw Media
  • Zach Feldberg , Manager, Original Programming & Shows | Digital
  • Carole Bezuidenhout, Web Producer Factual | Digital

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