Meet the Prius c

Meet the Prius c

A car customizer that builds your perfect Prius c.

by Refuge

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The Story

For our millennial target, the Prius c is their first new car purchase. And for them, buying a car is a pretty intimidating task. This digitally savvy crowd does most of their research online and often will elicit the advice of friends and family during their purchase process. Our goal was to demystify the car-buying experience and grab their attention through reinventing traditional research tools. To do this, we created a fun and friendly way to learn about and build the Prius c of their dreams, allowing them to share it along the way.

  • Meet the Prius c

We wanted to reinvent a traditional online research tool like the car configurator. To do this, we created the first interactive website launched exclusively on YouTube. Our goal was stretch the boundaries of interactivity while always ensuring it was a effortless experience for people using it. All of the steps—from film production to the backend build of the site—were created in parallel and, by the end, everything was seamlessly brought together to create the final experience.

The Technology

Geo APIs

The Results

Launch date: March 31, 2012

We consider this project a creative success primarily because its never been done before. It’s first-of-a-kind production process made every day a new adventure that brought new challenges. But the teams involved made it one of the most rewarding projects we’ve worked on to date. Since it was such a unique project, everyone’s collaboration made it work. With so many disciplines overlapping—merging video and digital production—learning was constant. Job descriptions blended and responsibilities we’re shared to make it all possible.


configurations of the videos were possible


minutes of average time spent by users in the configurato


weeks to execute from soup to nuts

The Team

Saatchi & Saatchi LA
  • Chris Adams, Executive Creative Director
  • Margaret Keene, Executive Creative Director
  • Bill Roden, Creative Director
  • Jesper Palsson, Executive Producer
  • Fredrik Montan Frizell, Interactive Producer
  • Zachary Richter, Creative Director
Toyota USA
  • Colin Morisako, Advertising Director

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