The World Meets in Brazil

The World Meets in Brazil

An interactive tour introducing World Cup fans to Brazil

by Embratur - Brazilian Tourism Board

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The Story

The U.S. will play its first World Cup game in the host city of Natal. If you're not from Brazil, you're probably wondering where that is. That's why Embratur, Brazil's tourism board, partnered with Neogama/BBH to create "The World Meets in Brazil," a campaign to introduce the world to the World Cup host cities. The campaign's website features 32 unique experiences (one for each participating country) and invites people to learn about the city in which their team will first play.

  • The World Meets in Brazil
  • The World Meets in Brazil

Because the first game locations were not announced until the final draw, different versions of the experience had to be created in advance to reflect possible location updates. This campaign required a different digital campaign for 32 countries in eight languages and target markets to be updated in real time. We used a Dynamic MastBox that was updated with specific information for each country, including country-specific Display, Lightbox, Search and YouTube TrueView ads.

The Results

Launch date: December 6, 2013

This campaign was created and then updated before the launch. It took just 26 minutes to update the unique ads after the final draws were confirmed.This campaign received 186.2 million impressions and 2.2 million interactions (engagements, views and clicks) in just 13 days.


Minutes to update dynamic ads for 16 countries after final draw was confirmed


Average view rate for the 15-second TrueView ads


Seconds for average visualization time of Dynamic Video Mastbox

The Team

  • Oleg Loreto, Customer Service Director
  • Ronaldo Silveira, Media Director
  • Adriano Panda, Copyright Director

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