The Curved Experiment

The Curved Experiment

An 180-degree visit to the Coliseum on dual devices

by Samsung Nordics

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The Story

Samsung's Curved UHD TV is so revolutionary that the company wanted to give potential customers a peek at its engaging experience before they actually buy the TV. Partnering with Great Works, State Interactive and Important Looking Pirates, we built a cross-screen experiment that transports users to the Coliseum and gives them a front-row seat at a gladiator match. After visiting the website on a desktop, users are prompted to the accompanying mobile site, where they enter a code and calibrate their devices. They can then use their smartphones to pan the Coliseum and extend the screen 180 degrees.

  • The Curved Experiment
  • The Curved Experiment

The campaign is powered by WebGL and HTML5. The HTML5 device orientation API fuses accelerometer data with compass data to determine the device’s rotation.

The Technology

Geo APIs
  • Mobile Rich Media

The Results

Launch date: May 8, 2014

Users spent approximately 1.5 minutes on the website, and 91K viewers from 117 countries participated in the experience.


YouTube views


Site visits


Average minutes spent on the site

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