The Everyday Collection Tweet-to-Runway Show

The Everyday Collection Tweet-to-Runway Show

A live runway show inspired by everyday tweets

by Target

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The Story

Target parades its attention-grabbing designer collaborations, but that's not all it sells-not by a long shot. To spotlight its other wares, Target teamed with mono to create The Everyday Collection, a runway show that displayed 250 of everyday products and groceries. Ten models strutted their stuff (and Target's) during our two-hour Tweet-to-Runway Show, striking poses with everything from toilet paper to hot dogs while reciting fan-submitted tweets-musings, really-about the products.

  • The Everyday Collection Tweet-to-Runway Show
  • The Everyday Collection Tweet-to-Runway Show

To launch The Everyday Collection, we turned to Twitter, where people openly share their everyday thoughts. (Seriously, what’s more mundane than running out of toilet paper and tweeting about it?) The live-streamed runway show put The Everyday Collection in the hands of fans, giving tweeters their 15 seconds of fame and Target a chance to promote hundreds of products that are relevant to real (and real-time) needs.

The Technology

  • Twitter

The Results

Launch date: January 24, 2013

The Everyday Collection drove more social conversations in the first two weeks after its launch than campaigns for brands that vastly outspent Target during that timeframe. Press ranging from food to fashion covered the event and featured many of the tweeters; one participant summed it up best: “I can’t sit still for a 30-second commercial, but Target just got me to sit through a 2-hour one. #EverydayShow #Brilliant”


Months from concept to live event


Curated tweets

The Team

  • mono, Creative
Tool of North America
  • Tool of North America, Content production

  • Jason Zada, Director

  • AEG, Streaming & technical partner
  • Thismoment, Website production
Alex Goose
  • Alex Goose, Original music

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