A Trip Out To Sea

A Trip Out To Sea

A scrolling experience to keep a man from drowning

by Guy Cotten

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The Story

You always buckle your seatbelt in a car, so why wouldn't you want to protect yourself in a boat? Guy Cotten, a brand leader in marine clothing and safety equipment, wanted to encourage more people to wear life jackets by scaring boaters into wearing them-always. He did this by creating an experience that simulates drowning. Guy Cotten partnered with CLM BBDO and Wanda Digital to create a realistic experience in which viewers continuously scroll up a page to stay afloat.

  • A Trip Out To Sea
  • A Trip Out To Sea

To fully immerse the viewer, we built an experience that takes up the whole computer screen. Viewers assume the perspective of a man who falls overboard, and then have to scroll up as quickly as possible to keep afloat; if they don’t scroll, they drown. Powered by WebGL and HTML5, the experience is 3D and 2D without the use of plug-ins. Google Analytics tracked the success and interactive nature of the campaign.

The Technology

Geo APIs

The Results

Launch date: April 21, 2014

Videos were posted on YouTube of users screencasting and commenting on the experience, in various languages. Tweets and other posts confirmed that the message hit home and that users will wear life jackets the next time they step on a boat.


Million users in two weeks


Positive comments so far


Nationalities have accessed the site

The Team

  • Olivier Lefevre, Executive Creative Director
  • Benjamin Marchal, Executive Creative Director
  • Mathieu Elkaim, Executive Creative Director
Wanda Digital
  • Perrine Schwarz, Executive producer
  • Thomas Cornet, Post producer
  • Romain Altain Aldea, Executive producer
  • Jean-Frédéric Passot, Creative director
  • Swann Knani, Lead developer

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