PlayStation 4: This Is For The Players

PlayStation 4: This Is For The Players

An augmented video experience, made by the players for the players.

by Sony PlayStation

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The Story

For the recently released PS4 game console, promotion that positioned it as a game changer was key to Sony Computer Entertainment. So it partnered with the 180 Amsterdam agency to create the This Is For The Players campaign. The immersive experience blends real-life and computer-game imagery and is told from the first-person perspective of a gamer. It shows his journey as he's dropped into a world that features characters from popular PS4 titles.

  • PlayStation 4: This Is For The Players
  • PlayStation 4: This Is For The Players

We created an augmented video experience on YouTube, which was based on a TV ad directed by 180 Amsterdam. The experience featured 50 hidden elements, or 'Easter eggs', that revealed exclusive videos, artwork and downloadable content. All of it celebrated the PS4 gaming heritage. The integrated campaign included newsletters, Facebook and Twitter announcements, a series of YouTube Masthead ads and local digital campaigns in 14 European countries.

The Technology

The Results

Launch date: November 29, 2013

The campaign drew a huge audience. A good indicator of success for this type of project is the average visit duration, which was 5x the base video length. We also received great comments and feedback from users on social networks. This experience, made for the players, celebrated the past and future of PlayStation gaming.


Easters eggs


Visitors in three days

9 min

Average time spent

The Team

  • Ismael El-Hakim, Business Director
  • François Girardot, Creative Director
  • Olivier Campion, Art Director
180 Amsterdam
  • Al Moseley, Executive creative director
  • Graeme Hall & Martin Terhart, Creative directors
  • Ed Ryder, Art Director

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