A sneaky, snarky campaign that exposes some men’s questionable tastes

by Old Spice

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The Story

There are audiences for just about anything, including spray-tan parties, neck workouts and black leather sheets. But should there be? Old Spice and its favorite pitchman, Isaiah Mustafa, think not, and they're willing to go to great lengths to share their disdain. The company created fake websites for a variety of "manly" products and then shamed visitors with "Interneterventions" from Mustafa himself.

  • Interneterventions
  • Interneterventions

We began by developing nine terribly fake websites for nine obviously fake “manly” products. We then created Twitter accounts, Craigslist postings and other fake promotions that led to the sites, which quickly gave way to a snarky "Internetervention" video featuring Isaiah Mustafa promoting Old Spice. While some people stumbled across the sites themselves, those in the know could send the sites to their friends as a prank, via Facebook, Twitter and email.

The Results

Launch date: January 20, 2014

We hit a unique set of eyeballs 812 million times across all touchpoints and earned 615 million paid impressions. On top of that, with more than 40 placements from top national news, men’s interest, technology and sports outlets, including BuzzFeed, HLNTV and Mashable, we got a lot of great coverage from the press.


Guys with which we staged Interneterventions

31 years

Total combined time spent by fans engaging in Internetervention

The Team

  • Craig Allen, Creative Director
  • Jason Bagley, Creative Director
  • Matt O'Rourke, Creative Director

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