The Detour

An interactive adventure that gives prospective car buyers a virtual thrill

by Nissan North America

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The Story

Today's new car buyers increasingly spend time researching online, but nothing quite compares to getting behind the wheel for a test drive. To bridge this gap and introduce the new Nissan Rogue compact crossover, we created The Detour, an interactive adventure that virtually puts you behind the wheel. And to make the experience more personal, we shot the Rogue on your street. (Kind of.)

  • The Detour
  • The Detour

We couldn't shoot the car on every road in every city of every state, so we turned to Google Maps. No props, no lighting, no grips, no crew; we created a completely custom environment. Users enter a starting and ending destination, and Nissan plots your route and takes you on a thrilling ride with a killer score by M.I.A.

The Technology

The Results

Launch date: January 30, 2014

This interactive web film lets people experience the excitement of the Nissan Rogue. Hundreds of thousands of people have taken this in-browser test drive and half of all visitors have continued to engage with the site to learn more about the Rogue. Those who take The Detour spend 25% more time learning about the car than those who don’t.


Virtual test drives in the first two weeks

Car routes


Amazing car

The Team

Critical Mass Inc.
  • Chrissie Graboski , Group Planning Director
  • Steve Savic, Group Creative Director
  • Jordon Mowbray, Creative Director
Digital Domain Inc.
  • Chris Almerico , VFX Producer
  • Richard Morton , Senior Visual Effects Supervisor
  • Tiffani Manabat , Senior Commercials Producer
  • Aldis Ozolins , Design Consultant/Art Director
  • Dave Riegler, Creative Technologist
  • John Fundingsland , Agency Lead

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