Front Row

Front Row

The ultimate Hangout for football fans

by Manchester United / Google+

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The Story

Although Manchester United boasts a fanbase north of 650 million, interestingly, less than 1% actually lives in the U.K., its home country. Because very few get the chance to visit Old Trafford stadium to show their support, we teamed with Google+ to bring the stadium to them-digitally. During a match versus Liverpool, fans were given the opportunity to cheer from the "front row" without having to leave home.

  • Front Row
  • Front Row

We asked superfans from around the world to submit photos on Google+ that showcased their spirit using the hashtag #MUFrontRow. We selected the best 22 fan entries and then projected Hangouts with those fans onto the digital advertising boards at the side of the field. The Hangouts were broadcasted throughout the match so that fans truly felt like they were part of the action.

The Technology

The Results

Launch date: March 16, 2014

#MUFrontRow was the top trending topic on Google+ globally the day of its launch and during the game. It was also in the top 10 for the duration of the recruitment phase. Front Row is now a global platform and will be scaled to additional soccer teams and to other sports in general. It’s becoming one of the fastest-growing pages on Google+.


Million people watching the Front Row live


Online articles covering the program


Increase in followers for Manchester United's Google+ Page

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