2Days Beat

A crowdsourced audio track

by HP

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The Story

Becoming a songwriter just got a whole lot easier thanks to 2Days Beat, a campaign by Omnicom's 180LA that showcases HP's new Split x2 hybrid laptop/tablet. More than 10K YouTube comments were submitted through the 2Days Beat YouTube channel using the hashtag #MixingBeats. Producer Clams Casino and hip-hop MC Vic Mensa then wrote three new tracks during a visual and audio jam session.

  • 2Days Beat
  • 2Days Beat

The moderated comments were incorporated into the video right away as artists created the visions directly on the set. Users could see this happening throughout the two-day live video shoot with the help of YouTube and HP Split x2. The art team created posters, vinyl stickers and original art on set in real time, using the comments either as suggestions that influenced the direction of the music or as snippets that appeared in the lyrics.

The Technology

  • Realtime Social Integration in the Live Experience

The Results

Launch date: November 14, 2013

Viewers spent an average of 12 minutes viewing the live video shoot, and 200 user comments were turned into lyrics, music and artwork for the final product.


YouTube comments


Live stream viewers


Hours of live footage

The Team

180 LA
  • William Gelner, Chief Creative Officer
  • Dave Horton, Creative Director
  • Matthew Woodhams-Roberts, Creative Director
  • Greg Brunkalla, Director

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