Heavy Labour Discount

Heavy Labour Discount

Hard work does pay off

by Mercedes-Benz Vans

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The Story

Builders, painters, engineers, plumbers and gardeners are hard-working folks who often go underappreciated. Mercedes-Benz decided to change that when it began promoting its Vito Edition. The company, with the help of the N=5 and MediaMonks, created the Heavy Labor Discount, which celebrates those who do manual labor. The more bruised, banged up and blistered the tradesman's hands, the bigger the discount he received.

  • Heavy Labour Discount
  • Heavy Labour Discount

Potential Vito buyers who think they qualify can scan their hands via webcam, and the Heavy Labor Discount app then decides whether or not the laborer is eligible. The level of the discount (up to € 9,000 off) is based on the state of their hands. Too manicured? If so, no discount for you.

The Technology

  • Mercedes-Benz testdrive request module

The Results

Launch date: February 5, 2014

So far the campaign has resulted in 135 requested test-drives. In three weeks, Mercedes-Benz received the number of test-drive requests it generally receives in a year.


Unique visitors


Unique heavy labor workers


Requested test-drives

The Team

  • Ed van Bennekom, Art Director
  • Jasper Diks, Copywriter
  • Olaf van der Geld, Interactive Creative Director

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