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A dynamic film that changes with every viewing.

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The Story

The best storytellers have always been able to make us feel as if they're speaking to each one of us individually. We wanted to experiment with how technology could create this feeling through a film. So to introduce Google's Art, Copy & Code initiative, we created a sixty-second film built out of code. Everything about the film, except the narration, is dynamic, so it's different each time it's viewed. The film is a living demonstration of how art, copy and code can make storytelling richer and more personal.

  • Art, Copy & Code Film
  • Art, Copy & Code Film

To create a unique experience for each viewer, we used Google App Engine, Javascript, and Cloud Storage to dynamically pull video clips together and play them in the right sequence. These clips include inspirational work and creatives (pulled from a curated database), and a live feed of industry news from Creativity Online and PSFK. We also use dynamic data like the viewer’s location, local weather and time of day, to personalize the film.

The Technology


The Results

Launch date: March 7, 2013

Introduced at SXSW Interactive, this dynamic film generated plenty of buzz among the creative community and brand marketers, getting them thinking about what’s possible when you add “code” to your creative team, and how we might personalize ads in ways that make them more valuable and meaningful.


Segments the film is broken up into


Clips, combined in a different order with each view


of viewers who watch more than once

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