Give Your Calories

Give Your Calories

An app that converts food calories into dollar donations.

by Action Against Hunger

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The Story

As part of its commitment to ending world hunger, global humanitarian organization Action Against Hunger launched the Give Your Calories app. The app allows users to scan snacks and, via image and barcode recognition, display the number of calories in the snack. These are then converted into dollars for the user to make an in-app donation.

  • Give Your Calories
  • Give Your Calories

Action Against Hunger wanted to overcome donation fatigue by making the act of giving donations emotionally relevant. The app, which allows people to donate their calories to the people who need them most, did just that. The sentiment was, "I've eaten enough today, I don't need that - but I'll donate it instead." Using mobile devices allowed the campaign to be contextually relevant, enabling people to give donations whenever and wherever they wanted to do so.

The Technology

  • Mobile App

The Results

Launch date: April 1, 2013

We connected with Epic Meal Time, YouTube's biggest online cooking show, and had them incorporate the app. It was talked about in the comments during the week the show was live and became a plus point for Epic Meal Time, but it was even better for Action Against Hunger. We then created the first and biggest donation from the calorie-packed creations that are their speciality. The app also featured on the Mashable front page, where it was championed as a great app for food-lovers who also love to use Instagr


Calories donated worldwide


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The Team

Happiness Brussels
  • Karen Corrigan, Creative Management
  • Dominique Van Doormael, Creative Management
  • Arnaud Bailly, Concept Provider
Bliss Interactive
  • Sebastiaan Weyler,

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