The AHH Effect

The AHH Effect

Capturing your love of soda online

by The Coca-Cola Company

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The Story

Teens can't get enough of social media, and we wanted them to show that same fervor for Coca-Cola. We started out with a universal reaction to a refreshing drink: "Ahh." We then capitalized on teens' short attention spans, skepticism of advertising and desire for fun to develop a unique, interactive campaign called The AHH Effect. Visitors can click through to various experiences, from a virtual roller coaster called Don't Spill The Coke to a Hungry Hungry Hippos-esque game featuring unicorns in a large cupcake. Each experience is hosted at a different URL, ranging from to the same URL with up to 61 h's (the max length of a URL).

  • The AHH Effect
  • The AHH Effect

All AHH sites are optimized for mobile, with the interactions changing on each site. Whether it’s tilting, shaking or swiping, the AHH campaign takes advantage of the features supported on the mobile and tablet platforms.

The Technology

The Results

Launch date: March 10, 2014

More than 4 million users have visited the sites, and the average user spends nearly six minutes with AHH—the equivalent of 50 years of brand engagement. The campaign has attracted the attention of numerous media outlets; Mediabistro deemed it "the sort of campaign after which future initiatives model themselves by." PR and social support efforts garnered more than 24.7 million unique daily impressions, including more than 20 placements on top teen websites.


Minutes spent on site by average user


Million total visits since 2013 launch


More traffic since 2014 relaunch

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