Claro Extra Minutes

Claro Extra Minutes

Turning stoppage time into talk time

by Claro

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The Story

When your favorite team scores a goal, what's the first thing you do? High-five your neighbor, of course. The second thing? Pull out your phone. Claro, a telecom company in Costa Rica, wanted to tap into this habit and the country's love for soccer. To attract prepaid users and give them more talk time, it partnered with Ogilvy.

  • Claro Extra Minutes
  • Claro Extra Minutes

If referees added five extra minutes (the time lost as a result of stoppages during the game), users watching the game could get those extra minutes of talk time on their phones.

Claro sponsored the fourth quarter of the games, and when extra minutes were given, the jumbotron displayed a code that users could text to retrieve their free minutes.

The Technology


The Results

Launch date: April 2, 2014

Claro is gaining thousands of new clients every week. Just in digital media, there are at least 40 articles from 10 different countries. In Costa Rica, there are around 1.2 Million prepaid users, and they reached around 1.1 with this non-traditional campaign. They plan to repeat the campaign during the next soccer season.


Million extra minutes


Costa Rican prepaid users reached

The Team

Ogilvy Costa Rica
  • Jesús Revuelta, General Creative Director
  • Paula Guevara, Creative Director
  • Jaime Gamboa, Creative Director

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