Audi: Australia. Land of quattro.

Audi: Australia. Land of quattro.

A TV commercial that turns the viewer into the director.

by Audi

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The Story

"Land of Quattro" is Audi's latest global brand platform, and it has been rolled out in several countries. In Australia, we re-imagined the traditional commercial to create an interactive TV spot that turns the viewer into the director. Using multi-angle cameras, we created an innovative commercial that is instantly and infinitely remixable from any browser-based tablet or desktop.

  • Audi: Australia. Land of quattro.
  • Audi: Australia. Land of quattro.

For this to work, we had to completely change the way we shoot a TV commercial. We hacked quadcopters and telemetry tracking technology to shoot the Audi Quattro from all angles as it drives through iconic Australian landscapes, capturing each scene over and over again. Then we used an embedded time-code technique to rematch the angles in the online experience, using the HTML5 canvas API, so viewers could recreate the drive from any angle.

The Technology

  • Mobile Rich Media

The Results

Launch date: July 29, 2013

The campaign is still live, but after just two weeks Google Analytics shows that more than 70,000 visitors have spent an average of 19 minutes on the site. More than 1,500 unique TV ads have made by fans so far, and the campaign destination had the longest engagement time Audi has ever seen. Our "tablet-out" design philosophy ensured the second-screen experience was just as good, if not better, than the desktop experience. We also reached No. 25 in the top 100 of the Australian Viral Video Chart.


Minutes spent on site (avg)


Unique visitors by week 2


Ads created by week 2

The Team

  • James, Creative Director
  • Ben Heath, Art Director
  • John Gault, Copywriter
Aloha Films
  • Yanni Kronenberg, Director
  • Suzanne Mallos, Producer
  • Bob Humphreys, DOP

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