Honda: Road Movies

An easy-to-use camera app that captures the joy of driving

by Honda Motor Co., Ltd

The Story

Honda is a brand that does not stop at just selling cars; it keeps offering new driving experiences and values to the world. "Internavi pocket" is an easy-to-use Smartphone app version of a two-way communication car navigation system "Internavi" provided by Honda. We wanted to create an even more fulfilling experience for drivers when they hit the road-the ability to create road movies.

  • Honda: Road Movies
  • Honda: Road Movies

This is a free camera app that allows users to easily record memories of a car trip or outing and automatically turn them into road movies with a stylish high-quality finish. In additional to auto-mode, which automatically films according to distance or time traveled, it is also possible to film manually. We created a structure that naturally communicates the joy of driving and traveling by making it possible for all users to share their own road movies on Facebook and YouTube.

The Technology

  • iOS
  • Facebook

The Results

Launch date: October 15, 2013

The app achieved more than three million downloads and growing. It ranked first place in App store's free app ranking in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Macau, and ranked in the top 100 of the free photo and video category in 29 countries. In addition to achieving significant press, the app reached many potential Honda fans, giving them a new, personal way to relate to the brand.


Million downloads


Daily active users


Daily downloads

The Team

Dentsu Inc.
  • Kaoru Sugano, Creative Director / Creative Technologist
  • Sotaro Yasumochi, Copywriter
  • Nadya Kirillova, Copywriter
  • Masanori Sakamoto, Art Director / Desiner
  • Ken Murayama, Technical Director / Programmer
  • Shogo Yano, Programmer

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