The Joker's Job Interview

Interview with the Joker via Google Hangouts to become Batman's assassin

by BATMAN ARKHAM ORIGINS - The Joker's job interview

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The Story

Do you have what it takes to hunt down Batman? Gotham City's most feared villain, the Joker, held interviews (via Google Hangouts) to find out. Warner Bros. launched this creative campaign, conceived by SID LEE Paris and executed by Wanda/Wanda Digital, to celebrate the French release of the Batman Arkham Origins video game. Ten applicants were selected for a final in-person interview with the Joker and Black Mask. The winner was signed to a 2.000/month contract to then "hunt down" Batman.

  • The Joker's Job Interview
  • The Joker's Job Interview

So fans could meet the most realistic Joker possible, we opted to use a sensorless motion system capture, Faceshift, which we connected to a Unity module that rendered the Joker 3-D model from the game in real time. Unity’s video output was streamed live through Google Hangouts, which gave the candidates the feeling that they were talking to the Joker himself.

The Technology


The Results

Launch date: September 30, 2013

For eight hours a day over the course of a week, we conducted interviews via Google Hangouts and live-streamed them on a YouTube window embedded in the campaign site. Each interview was published as a separate video and at the end of the week, we had about 250 live interviews and 16 hours of footage.




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The Team

  • Sylvain Thirache, Executive Creative Director
  • Johan Delpuech, Managing Partner
  • Jules Jolly, Art Director

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