Three Insights for Vietnamese Marketers from the Tết YouTube Ads Leaderboard

Across Vietnam, Tết New Year celebrations are synonymous with fireworks, festive cây nêu, and shouts of “Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!” And now, there’s a new tradition to add to the list: YouTube videos. Vietnamese brands are creating Tết-focused YouTube ads and seeing big results.

YouTube has burst onto the scene in Vietnam. Just a few years ago, YouTube was a nascent platform in the country. Now, with hours watched growing 120% YoY1 and 78% of all internet users watching videos on a weekly basis,2 Vietnam is one of the top ten YouTube markets in the world.

Savvy Vietnamese marketers have caught on to this new viewing behavior and many are starting to consistently create compelling ads around the Lunar New Year celebrations. We pulled together 10 of the most popular Tết ads for a special edition of the YouTube Ads Leaderboard.

The ads on the leaderboard received more than 6M views on average and achieved unprecedented levels of engagement, winning Vietnamese people’s hearts and minds. Brands have seen that they can do more than produce one-hit wonders and build channels that sustainably and deeply engage with audiences at scale.

Here are some of the top videos from the leaderboard and three key takeaways for marketers.

1. Create video content that resonates in the moments that matter

Holidays like Tết are great opportunities to reach Vietnamese people in times of happiness, celebration, and family. When brands can tap into those feelings and authentically contribute to the spirit of the season, people respond.

The Vietnamese home-care product brand Cif created this fun and sweet ad that topped our Tết YouTube Ads Leaderboard. The video tapped into something people really care about around Tết: celebrating age-old traditions with families.

The ad showcased its products in a touching and relevant way, with every member of the family getting into the New Year tradition of cleaning the house together. It also featured a celebrity who strongly represented the values of the season and of the brand. This winning combo led to over 17M views.

Now that brands like Cif, Neptune, and Chotot consistently make these high-quality emotional ads around the holidays, people start to anticipate and look forward to the videos every year. This is a real testament to great work that creates brand love.

Mirinda wanted to reach millennials around the Lunar New Year, so it created this fun video that ties together old traditions (gifting red envelopes) with modern culture (emojis and digital greetings).

To be a part of this festive season, think about ways your brand can connect with people in the times and seasons they care about most. Understand the core values of different holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Women’s Day, or the Moon Festival, and work to create content that resonates.

2. Build brand love by creating content around people’s passions

The first step in any short- or long-term branding effort is understanding your target audience. What do they care about? What do they get really passionate about? Where do they go to engage with those things?

What do people love on YouTube? Music. Music is one of the most popular categories of content in Vietnam,3 and we see search volumes spike for “Tet Music” and “Tet Entertainment” around the holiday every year. Walk around shops and homes in any neighborhood and you’re likely to hear the same songs on repeat as people build up excitement for the holidays with their favorite tunes on YouTube.

Search Traffic Trends for “Tet Music” and “Tet Entertainment”

As people turn to YouTube to engage with the things and brands they love, they’re more attentive and focused. In fact, we’ve seen that people are 2X more focused when they’re watching YouTube than when they’re watching TV.4

To tap into this lean-forward watching behavior, Oppo created a fun ad starring Son Tung, a hit pop singer in Vietnam. Oppo made an extended version of its short TV ad for YouTube, growing it into a full-scale music video. The four-minute ad featured Son Tung and others connecting with (and without) their smartphones around Tết and achieved over 11M views and was shared 16,000 times on YouTube.

Serving up content people love in the places they go to connect and engage also helped Oppo complement and supplement its TV presence. As Mai Hong Anh, Digital Manager at Oppo said, "In this day and age, we are influenced by and addicted to our technological devices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hence, the traditional values of Tết have started to lose its meaning in our modern lives, and people have started to accept this change. The core values in this campaign encourage people to preserve and maintain traditions while still living and enjoying the benefits of modern life."

So consider ways your brand can tap into the passions and interests of the huge Vietnamese audience on YouTube—and then determine how you can align with them. Keep asking “What makes them tick?” and “How can we be a part of that?”

3. Think mobile first

Smartphones in (nearly) every pocket in Vietnam means that primetime is now all the time. More than 50% of the time watching the ads in the Tết YouTube Ads Leaderboard was spent on a mobile device.1 As people go about their days, they pull up YouTube on their mobiles to engage, learn, and be entertained.

As we’ve seen from some of the videos on the Tết YouTube Ads Leaderboard, brands across Vietnam are seeing that mobile video doesn’t have to be short to appeal to its audiences. Vietnamese people spend a whopping 110 minutes per YouTube session on average (the highest in APAC),1 so brands can create longer versions of their TV ads and still hold people’s interest, provided the content is creative and engaging.

Check out the full list of the top ads in Vietnam on the Tết YouTube Ads Leaderboard and get inspired for how your brand can connect with engaged Vietnamese people in the moments that matter most.


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